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Davis already making an IMPACT with Won’t Be Denied Foundation

by lit-admin

Auburn’s Deshaun Davis was named Lott IMPACT Player of the Week for Week 3 of the season for his impressive performance against LSU despite a heartbreaking 22-21 loss. The linebacker finished the day with 13 tackles, four for losses, a sack, two quarterback hurries and pass break up.

Ronnie Lott dialed up Davis this week to hear about his passion for the game and for philanthropy.

Lott: “Congratulations man, I really like the effort you’ve been displaying on the football field.”

Davis: “Thank you man, just trying to win, you know!”

Lott: “That’s what we try to do everyday man. That’s the great thing in life. You get to win everyday.”

Davis: “Yes sir.”

Lott: “Let me ask you this, when you’re trying to win, where does that come from?”

Davis: “Like you said, we’re trying to win everyday – I don’t ever strap up to go out and lose. I’m a fierce competitor. I play with a lot of passion. If you watch me play, a lot of people say they see it. If I make a big play I’m going to unleash a lot of energy. I have a love for football. I love the game of football. It’s provided me opportunities to get a college degree, provided me with a better life. Coming from Mobile, AL and a single parent home, I’ve been able to get my parents and my family to different states and in a college atmosphere and a college stadium. The game of football has given me so many different things and I can’t go out on a Saturday and not give my all so that’s just how I approach every game.”

Lott: “I love your approach and I love your life because when you are committed to making sure that you give your spirit and soul to something, that is really a blessing. A lot of times in life we forget that we were put on this earth to be able to give every ounce of our energy to our commitment to our beliefs. Hearing you have this belief that you have and hearing you talk about your spirit and how you’re committed, I just want you to know this, don’t ever lose sight of doing that with everything you have in your life. One of the things a Coach told me a long time ago, he goes ‘Hey, you are a great competitor, but are you competing in the classroom?’ And I stopped for a minute and he goes, ‘You’re not doing your best. You’re not doing your best in everything you’re doing.’ And it made me realize that I can’t just compete on the field, I have to compete in every aspect of my life. I just want to pass that down to you because it changed my life, it’s helped me understand that whatever I’m doing I can be great at it. I just got to learn it, I got to practice it and I got to stay after it and it doesn’t just pertain to football. It pertains to everything you do in life. I know you also do some great things in the community. If you were able to share that with me I’d love that.”

Davis: “I have my own foundation that I created. A 501c3. The Won’t be Denied Foundation. I do a lot of stuff back home when I can. It’s small right now because the funds aren’t all there, but the vision is huge. So if I’m able and blessed enough to play at the next level, there’s a lot of things that I want to do and that I plan on doing. You have to give back. ‘Cause somebody grabbed me one day and put me under their wing and it led me to who I am today so I wouldn’t be right if I didn’t do someone else like that.”

Lott: “I love what you just said there and more importantly knowing that you’ve already put your foundation in place… you’re way ahead of me when I was your age so I love that man! That’s a great tool. It’s going to be a great tool for the rest of your life, being able to share with people not only who you are, but what you are. And that’s a great cause, to be able to serve others. I love the fact that you’re getting that done as well, that’s the most important thing in life. Thank you. That’s awesome man, I love it. You have a good one man, keep balling, and hopefully we’ll see you out in California.”

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