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We Are Making an IMPACT at High School Football Games

Imagine how inspired your high school team would be if a Pro Football Hall of Fame member attended your biggest game of the season? How about if that Hall of Famer was on the sidelines? What if that living legend was the personal mentor to your team’s leader? Well that’s exactly what can happen when your are a part of the Legacy Leadership Project. Just ask Julian Mendoza of Segerstrom High School in Orange County, California who made a real IMPACT on the field as he led his team to victory this past Friday at the “Fundamental Bowl”, his teams annual rivalry matchup. Julian, an offensive lineman, fought to the end and scored his first career touchdown after recovering a fumble on the last play of the game with :00 left on the clock! He celebrated with teammates and students as all flooded the field. He also celebrated with his new mentor, PFHOF Ron Yary who watched the entire game from the sidelines and met with Julian, his family, and coaches after the dust had settled.

Here is where the Lott IMPACT Trophy and it’s newest program, the Legacy Leadership Project really shined. In an act of pure sportsmanship and love of the game, both coaches came together after others had left the field for one more conversation. You see, the opposing team’s head coach, Aaron Kaye knows all too well what having a PFHOF mentor can mean to a team. A former student-athlete of his, Victor Silva was also paired with Ron Yary in 2010 for mentoring. Victor is now attending Whittier College as a Business major and is the team’s back up QB. Coach Kaye was glad to see Coach Mike Maceranka’s team at Segerstrom receiving the same support, and when he saw Ron Yary on the opposing side line he wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to say hello and thank him for continuing to support high school youth. Even after a heated battle, both coaches were able to agree on one thing, mentors who can offer inspiration on and off the field for their young men are a welcomed privilege.

Just ask Julian Mendoza what kind of an IMPACT it had on his team that night. If you can get him to stop smiling about his first touchdown!

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