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There’s more to Finalist Weston Steelhammer than his made-for-football name


It’s a requirement for any story about him or any initial conversation with him.

That name. Weston Steelhammer. It sounds made up – like something out of a comic book. For a hard-hitting safety, it’s the perfect moniker.

“It’s funny,” Steelhammer said. “I used to not like it because it’s so many letters to write on every single test and quiz. But those tests and quizzes are dwindling fast, so I’m starting to like it more and more.”

Steelhammer is about to play his final college football game for Air Force, which takes on South Alabama in the second Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl on Friday afternoon. Afterward, he’ll finish the school portion of his service-academy commitment and prepare for the NFL draft.

But there’s something you should know about the son of Terry Steelhammer, a former Texas defensive lineman and long snapper:

Weston Steelhammer is far more than just the captain of college football’s all-name team. There’s real substance to this cadet, as all who encounter him come to learn.

“He is mature beyond his years,” Air Force coach Troy Calhoun said of his 21-year-old senior safety. “He has nothing but the utmost regard and respect for other people. He absolutely gets it.”

Calhoun will miss Steelhammer the football player, and we’ll get into his game momentarily. His locker-room presence will be just as hard to replace.

Despite an all-everything career as a multisport star at Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana, Steelhammer never assumed a big-man-on-campus persona. His mother, Cindy Alexander, taught freshmen and sophomores at the school when Steelhammer was a senior. Her students would describe Steelhammer as down-to-earth — “like one of the guys.”

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