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PFHOF Day 3 – Ronnie Urquiza, Estancia High School

Today was a true blessing. Once I woke up and got ready for the Nitschke Luncheon, I was amazed. At the Nitschke Luncheon I got to meet more pro football hall famers Like Mr.Otto & Ronnie Lott, I was at a loss for words. Well I never really new who Mr.Otto was because I never new heard about him, as soon as he intro duce himself to me and Julian we were very shocked and amazed at what he accomplished. I even hand lunch in the hall of fame with Commissioner Goodell and Chris Berman!

As time went by we went back to are hotel and got ready for are big interview at McKinley inn. As soon we arrived at the McKinley inn, I was a bit nervous because I’ve never had my voice heard in a radio station before. Once the local news station guy interviewed me and Julian I set and ready to go, having the local news station happen to me was the best feeling ever, I felt famous and I felt more opened. Most importantly giving back to the community was possibly my highlight of the day, today I got go visit sick people at the hospital with Mike Haynes, and oh boy their smile was just glamorous and just by giving back to your community can impact others a lot. Today was a great success and I’m definitely looking forward for the next two days.

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