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PFHOF Day 2 – Julian Mendoza, Segerstrom High School

Day 2
from Julian Mendoza, Segerstrom High School

Today was an amazing day. It feels like a dream and thankfully I’m living it.

We started the day by going to the first play and walking all the way – the actual hall where football began to the pro football hall of fame building. 3 miles with hall of famers next to us!

They pass a football the whole way!  It was unique watching the kids toss the ball and their faces lighting up when they received the ball. The walk went well, Ron and I got to the different places of the community and came to an idea that the community is close and the people are friendly.

After that we walked in the museum and read interesting facts on how things started off for football and how things kept developing. We learned about the important key figures like Mr. Jim Thorpe. This museum motivates a young player like myself because you see how hard they worked and their amazing stats and just like any other player you want to be like them.

Later on we went back to the hotel room and relaxed, then we left to the dinner with most of the hall of famers and the feeling is unreal, you see people you have only heard about and when you get to see them it’s like a dream. You never thought you would get to see them. I got the privilege to eat with Anthony Muñoz who is an amazing person.  He is such a great person so nice and sociable.

All the hall of famers were so kind and funny, they all have great personalities. It’s just an amazing experience and I feel so blessed I have the chance to experience it. Also I learned people skills, how to approach someone and interact with them in a calm environment.  The food was also great.  It was so good I couldn’t stop eating it. Today overall was such a great experience it’s wonderful.

Up Next:  The Nitschke Luncheon, Volunteerism, NFL Network Interview, and the Golden Jacket Ceremony.