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Penn State’s Jason Cabinda a Leader on the Field and on Campus

Jason_Cabinda1_WEBHis teammates say you can always hear Jason Cabinda talking or whistling or moving with enthusiasm and energy on and off the football field as a leader at Penn State. But those aren’t the only areas in which he has their respect.

Social issues are another subject that Cabinda is vocal and passionate about, discussing them often with his teammates. He said social media has done “a good job of bringing attention on the issues to a ton of people.” He has more than 10,000 followers on Twitter and about 4,100 friends on Facebook.

“I think it’s important to be aware, important to be informed,” Cabinda, the Nittany Lions’ hard-hitting 234-pound senior middle linebacker, said Wednesday. “I think that’s our duty. That’s kind of what you’ve got to do to be informed about the issues that are going on and can’t be blind to them.

 “You can’t put yourself in your little hole, your own world of football and school and kind of not know what’s going on in the rest of the country and the rest of the world. So I think that’s important.”

Cabinda said he didn’t have a particular influence growing up in speaking his mind, and that his evolution as an “opinionated, strong-willed person … is kind of my personality and just who I am as a person.”

Cabinda, who said racial equality is a particular area of interest with him, said he tries to consider all sides of an issue before saying anything.

“I normally try to look pretty deep into something,” he said. “But I don’t post anything being afraid of backlash. To me, that doesn’t matter. If I choose to post something, it’s because I have a very strong opinion about it regardless of what someone else might say.”

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