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Pacific Club IMPACT Foundation Launches HITS Program

Newport Harbor High School, CA – The Lott IMPACT Trophy launched their new proprietary charitable initiative- The HITS (Helmet. Impact. Technique. Safety) Program with a hands on clinic on equipment safety and proper tackling. Over 200 youth and high school football coaches, players and parents attended the event at Newport Harbor High School, where they were taught the importance of proper equipment fitting and tackling techniques to achieve a safer game at all levels.

Following a welcome video from the Lott IMPACT Foundation, USC Football’s Equipment Manager, Todd Hewitt, gave instruction on proper equipment fitting techniques. Hewitt was followed by Dr. Vernon Williams and Dr. Ilan Danan of Kerlan-Jobe, a leading orthopedic and sports medicine clinic in southern California, who discussed how new techniques can lessen the physiological impact and reduce injuries associated with playing football.

USA Football gave a 30 minute demonstration on the proper tackling technique, followed by a review of legal tackles led by NFL official, Laird Hayes, and current Los Angeles Charger, Joshua Perry.

The HITS clinic wrapped up with a Q&A session led by legendary coaches Terry Donahue (former UCLA Head coach and College Football Hall of Famer), John Robinson (Former USC and LA Rams Head Coach and College Football Hall of Famer, Mike White (Former Cal, Illinois, and Raiders Head Coach), and Joshua Perry (current NFL player with the LA Chargers). In addition to information from Kerlan-Jobe and USA football, attendees were given the Seattle Seahawks Tackling DVD focusing on how Seahawks players are taught to tackle and approach the game to minimize injuries.

HITS stands for:


Using the proper equipment and fitting methods leads to a safer game. LIT will work with college and professional equipment managers to better educate coaches on sound practices.


Limiting the amount of full contact and conducting safer practices along with incorporating technology and sports science partners will reduce the amount of impact on youth football players.


Learning the proper tackling technique leads to reduced blows to the head. Aligning with the best coaches, referees and instructors to teach new tackling methods improves the football experience.


Data is power, educating parents about a safer game and taking an active role leads to increased participation rates and sound decision making.


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