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Once invisible, Charles Harris’ star now shines brighter than ever before

charles-harriswebCharles Harris begins each play with a cold, lifeless stare into the eyes of his enemies, with enough intensity to shatter years of built up confidence on the spot.

Within seconds, Harris can travel from a lunging, low-positioned three-point stance, to the backfield of an opposing offense, wreaking havoc on anyone in his path. His rare combination of athleticism, power, speed and a relentless motor has teams game-planning to put an end to his run of dominance, week in and week out.

Harris’ rise to greatness has been meteoric, but also a bit surprising. “Black Ice,” his on-the-field alter ego, is the perfect description for the ascension of Missouri’s star defensive end.

The ice, visually transparent in nature, can appear to be of the ordinary as it blends into roads. In the winter, cars and trucks are forced to tread lightly over the patches of black ice to avoid its impending danger. It’s disguised as part of the pavement, almost invisible, until it’s too late.

Much like the ice he relates to, Harris was once invisible.

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