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Jourdan Lewis’ presence felt right away coming back from injury


With just over seven minutes left in the first quarter, Penn State coach James Franklin rolled the dice.

His team was down seven, and Michigan’s first offensive drive seemed too easy. Give the fifth-ranked Wolverines the ball back, and it had the potential to become an impossible game of catch up.

So Franklin made the call. The Nittany Lions lined up on fourth-and-5 on the 50-yard line. Penn State’s DeAndre Thompkins caught the bubble-screen pass, and appeared to have found some daylight.

Yet the chance was shut down quickly. Cornerback Jourdan Lewis read the play and streaked in from the right side, wrapping up Thompkins’ legs for a 4-yard loss and a turnover on downs.

Michigan took over and marched down the field for another score, en route to a 49-10 romp.

If the Big Ten opener was a week earlier, there may have been a better chance for Penn State to complete the fourth-down conversion. But this was Lewis’ first game back from injury, and he alerted the Nittany Lions of his presence early.

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