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Jabrill Peppers Showcasing Versatility at Combine


“I don’t have a lot of tape at safety,” Jabrill Peppers said Saturday, “but I’m a pretty damn good safety.”

The NFL, for the most part, will have to take his word for it.

Peppers played linebacker for Michigan last season, after splitting the 2015 season between safety and a nickel-corner role. A permanent move to safety is the anticipated transition coming for Peppers once he hits the next level.

As Peppers said, though, there is limited recent evidence that he can play that position. So, people have spent this week—and many more weeks in the run-up to the combine—talking about Peppers like he’s an alien visitor from another planet. “What is he? What can he do? Can he learn?”

He will try to clear up a few things at the combine, although even that process has been a little jumbled. Peppers is listed as a linebacker here (wearing the No. 24, by the way, in case you’re buying into any of those Peppers-Charles Woodson comparisons). He will run with the linebackers Sunday, but work out with the defensive backs Monday.

“Well I was informed that since I was listed as a linebacker in college, that I had to only work out with the linebackers, so they were just gonna make me do linebacker stuff,” Pepper said. ”So I asked if there was somehow, some way I could do the DB work, because that’s what I was doing all off-season and leading up to the combine.

“And I told my agents that and they made it happen, and they said the only way I can do it is if I do both. I was like, that’s easy. That’s no problem at all.”

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