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Graduate Student Josh Carraway Looking for Perfect Cap to TCU Career

Graduate Student Josh Carraway Looking for Perfect Cap to TCU Career

By Madelon Allen, TCU Athletics Communications


The field was soggy and the rain didn’t let up. TCU is behind by a touchdown against Baylor. Baylor’s quarterback loses his grip of the slippery pigskin, only to have junior defensive end Josh Carraway scoop it up and carry it 56 yards for a touchdown.

When James McFarland was injured in August before the 2015 season began, Carraway stepped into a much bigger role. “I felt like that was my responsibility to step up and try to take some of the pressure off our seniors.” He said.

In 2014, Carraway saw action in all 13 games. In 2015, he started all 13 games, and to him, it’s still “surreal”. “Every day I go in there and look at [the board] and ever since I’ve been starting I’ve been looking at it just to make sure my name is still there. Every day is just as surreal knowing I get to start for one of the best programs in the country.”

Despite those 2015 successes, it’s still not enough in Carraway’s eyes. Looking back he says, “it was a good season, but I’m trying to do better than that this year.” Before each practice and game, especially if motivation is waning, he says he thinks about all the work he’s put into football. “It just wouldn’t make sense to go out there today and not try to be the best I can be and get a little bit better,” he said.

Coming into this season, Carraway is a contender for four different awards, and is the only First-Team Big-12 defensive returner in the league. “It motivates me to elevate my game a little more. It makes me want to be even better. I guess all eyes are on me.”

All eyes may be on him, but Carraway wants what’s best for his team. “I want to give my senior classmates, the guys I’ve been with for a really long time, the best possible season. My ultimate goal is to help my seniors get the best bowl game we can.”

Carraway has emerged as a leader of the young defensive ends through the summer, and he’s glad he has McFarland’s help to make it less stressful. “We coach the younger guys just like we were coached. Having somebody like that who knows the defense just like I know the defense, has been here as long as I’ve been here…it makes my job a lot easier and I think it makes the coaches job a lot easier too.”

He tries to remind his younger teammates to play hard. “In games you’re going to mess up, but [coach] says if you’re going to mess up, at least mess up going 100 miles per hour. If you do that, then he can’t get mad at you.”

Although it says “SR” next to his name on the roster, Carraway has a diploma in hand. “It’s another weight off my shoulders. Knowing I don’t have to get up at 8 a.m. for class feels nice.” Even though he’s not getting up early for them, he’s still taking classes, working on his master’s degree in the liberal arts program.

In his last season of TCU football, Carraway wants to leave an impression. “I want them to remember I played hard. That I was someone who didn’t get in trouble, that he was where he was supposed to be and that he never talked back, was always on time, was always polite. Hopefully they remember me as more than a football player, but also as that guy who was always in class, always did his work, had his degree.”

When the season comes to a close, Carraway knows he has options. “If the NFL is there then I’ll take it, but if not I’ll just move on with my life and I have a degree so I can always try to find something.” Even in talking about what he wants to do after the season, he still has the team in mind. “I might be a graduate assistant, hopefully, maybe Coach P will let me on as a GA, so you never know.”


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