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Get To Know The Finalist: Harrison Phillips

He is affectionately known as “Horrible Harry,” after the children’s book series of the same name.

Harrison Phillips is a big man, and a big presence.  He’s Stanford’s leading tackler – a rarity for a defensive tackle – and a legit All-America candidate.

“I like to be physical and violent,” Phillips said. “I’m definitely not gonna shy away from somebody throwing punches.”

And to his teammates, he’s a leader. Fellow defensive tackle Mike Williams acknowledges Phillips’ influence. “We always tell him we go as he goes.”

Cardinal head coach David Shaw echoes that sentiment.

“There’s something to be said for effort.  Maximum effort every play.  He’s playing hard, he wants to wreak havoc inside.”

But irony runs thick here.  Because the truth is, Harrison is about as far from “horrible” as you can get.  The bully on the field is a champion of the underdog off of it.

“There is a bipolar aspect to it,” said Phillips.  “I’m hungry, one of us is gonna eat and it’s gotta be me, but there’s also this caring person that says off the field you’re hungry, eat my food.  Just always wanting to pay it forward.  If someone needs my shirt, I’ll give them my shoes as well.”

via Scott Reiss/KTVU

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