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Eddie Jackson keeps the Tide in line

eddie_jacksonwebThis is the Alabama way.

Up two touchdowns, the defense holds on third-and-10 to force a punt just before halftime. Everything is coming easily for the Crimson Tide to start the season. They’re cruising to a dominant win over No. 20 USC, but then a fight breaks out. It’s among teammates. And it’s on Alabama’s sideline.

Linebacker Reuben Foster and reserve defensive back Deionte Thompsonhold back an emotional Ronnie Harrison. The second-year safety is furious, shouting and pointing at someone. It turns out that he’s mad at fellow safety Eddie Jackson. Something Jackson said set him off, and not even coach Nick Saban stepping in is enough to calm him down.

Apparently, Jackson wasn’t happy with the way Harrison performed on third down and let him know it. Yeah, Harrison was responsible for making the stop, which was great. But then he and a USC wideout squared one another up, got face mask to face mask and exchanged words. Jackson stepped in as Harrison left the field and told him to shut it.

Jackson knew that Saban doesn’t tolerate talking to the opposing team’s players. In fact, Saban wishes there were an NCAA rule against it.

It was simply the senior from South Florida’s turn to step up.

It was his turn to become the enforcer of the Alabama way.

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