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Ed Oliver’s bond with Houston is stronger than ever


Coming off an All-American debut as a freshman, Ed Oliver is the sort of game-changing player who could keep his new head coach in the good graces of the school president and a reeling fan base.

Oliver had seven tackles and two sacks in his swashbuckling college debut in 2016, an upset win over then-No. 3 Oklahoma. “There’s some guys that just stick out, like when we looked at Adrian Peterson,” said then-Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. “It’s like, ‘Yeah. That’s what you need.'”

He finished the year with 23 tackles for loss, which ranked second nationally. And as an interior lineman, Oliver finished with impressive totals of 66 tackles and nine pass breakups — he was essentially just as good moving backward and laterally as he was forward.

“He’s a first-rounder,” Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez said of Oliver, before his team played against him Saturday.

Of course, that’s at least 18 months away. There’s more than enough time for Oliver to cement his status as one of the most important players in the history of the Houston program.

“He’s the best player we’ve ever had, and that includes Andre Ware,” said Lofaro aka “Johnny Cougar'” and season-ticket holder for 40 years.

And as he grows into his fame, Oliver seems well-positioned to replace Herman as the face of the program.

And, most important to a group of fans accustomed to being abandoned soon after good times, Oliver has assured them he’s not looking to go anywhere else. The #H-TownTakeover can endure for at least a little longer.

“I love Houston,” he said. “This is my hometown, this is my city.”

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