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Day 3 – By Jerome

Today was the day of the parade. Going into this event I did not think it was going to be an emotionally moving experience. I thought it would be over quickly and we would move on to our next event. It didn’t take me log to realize that this was going to be an experience after I saw the 200,000 people that were aligned along either side of the two mile road. Making roughly 100,000 people smile just by waving and smiling back was rewarding. Serving others and giving back was the unspoken theme for today. It seemed that every time we passed by someone or had a conversation it was all about serving even if it is just a smile and a wave it meant the world to some of the younger kids especially those who were underprivileged.


Later in the day we went to the Pre-Enshrinement Bronze Buffet. This was where all of the Pro Football Hall of Famers ate dinner and I was lucky enough to meet them and introduce myself in a proper way. On the way to the Enshrinement Ceremony a member of the Nation Legends Community gave us an inspiring speech that put me into a season ready mentality as well as showing me how important giving back truly is. The Enshrinement Ceremony was the next thing on our agenda and each inducted member of the class of 2015 only talked about others and how they need to continue to give back to them and the community. I realized today that confidence can turn into pride very quickly and that humbling yourself through serving others is the best way to stay grounded.

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