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Coach Lapic – Century High School – The LLP Experience For Ruben

The Leadership Legacy Project has been an incredible experience for Ruben.  Ruben has many outstanding leadership qualities like work ethic and humility. The Hall of Fame Mentorship experience has helped Ruben to be able to develop confidence and the boldness that being a great leader needs.  Ruben has not had many experiences outside his hometown of Santa Ana.  While being able to meet many of the Hall of Famers, I can see how much his confidence has grown.  By the end of the trip Ruben demonstrated great confidence by being able to walk up to anybody and introduce himself and speak about himself and his experience here in Canton, OH.  As his coach I am especially grateful that Ruben’s experience will help him to be a more vocal leader to his team, but more importantly will help him in his future to lead others as well.  The IMPACT of this trip will have a lasting effect on Ruben. By being able to interact with Hall of Famers like Ron Yary and Mike Haynes, he has seen how these phenomenal football players are able to achieve greatness and still be able to help others and give back to the community.


Ruben has also learned a lot in his workbook sessions with Dr. Cooper.  He was able to see his strengths and weaknesses as a leader and see what he needed to work on.  You can see Ruben’s courage and determination to work on his weakness right away on this trip.  Ruben also was grateful to work on time management as well.  Ruben has already talked to me about using the skills he learned on this trip right away when he is back home in Santa Ana. This experience has been a trip of a lifetime for Ruben, but it will also have an Impact for a lifetime in helping Ruben succeed in the future.

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