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Coach Curtis – Rancho Santa Margarita – The LLP Experience For Jerome

First off I’d like to thank Dr. Casey Cooper, Ron Yary, and the volunteers of Canton, Ohio for letting me be a part of this incredible experience. This weekend has completed exceeded my expectations from top to bottom and I wish more of my players could get this opportunity to see the great things that the legends of this game are doing to reach out to the younger generation and make a difference.


I am here today because of one of my players, Jerome Bohuslavizki and the person he is in our community of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.


Upon arriving in Canton, Jerome was always a kind and caring person. However, through this experience he has learned the valuable tools necessary to put ideas into motion and see how his idols go above and beyond to make a difference. It’s easy to talk about the things we want to do in life. It’s a totally different mentality that few posses to put those ideas into motion. Jerome had the desire to make a difference in this world before we came to Canton, but now he has the confidence and real life experience to see how to reach out to people and put his ideas into motion.


I know for myself and Jerome, being here this weekend has been inspiration to say the least. We will take what we learned these past 5 days and let others know about the Legacy Leadership Project and the impact all of these great people are making on our younger generation. Football teaches us a lot about life, but to believe in those teachings and live it is what this project is all about.

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