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Anthony Barr Visits the Jeremiah Program’s Child Development Center

barr_childrens_centerwebAnthony Barr continued his support for single moms and their children on Tuesday by visiting the Jeremiah Program’s Child Development Center.

Barr visited rooms of infants, toddlers and preschoolers for an afternoon of games, reading stories and going through an obstacle course. Barr not only encouraged the young people through the obstacles, he also conquered them.

The Vikings linebacker entertained the young people while reading children’s books to the classes. At 6-foot-5, Barr was a spectacle seated in a chair barely off the classroom floor, his folded knees near the height of the toddlers’ heads as he read a book about individual differences.

“I’ll be honest, I came in and was kind of tired and lethargic, and they woke me right up. They were fun,” Barr said. “Infants, then toddlers and moved on to the preschoolers, and they were like 25 years old, had full vocabulary and were full of energy.”

Barr launched his Raise the Barr Foundation with his mother, Lori Barr, this spring. They are raising money to provide access to higher education for single moms and impact their children.

“It’s pretty important. It’s something that we lived through and something that is close to us,” Anthony said. “We want to provide some kind of opportunity or some type of light in the lives of those that aren’t as fortunate. The position that we’re in now gives us the opportunity to come back and put a little smile on a couple of kids’ faces.”

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